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Class Descriptions & Info

Gentle Flow Yoga

is a slow pace flow class incorporating gentle stretching and strengthening movements which are performed in a carefully curated sequence for maximum benefits. Mindful awareness of the movement sequence timed with the breath, helps to calm the mind, revitalize the body, and enables us to move deeper in our practice. By bringing the elements of awareness, breath and vital energy together, Gentle Flow Yoga strengthens and raises our life force promoting longevity and brightening our Spirit. Throughout the class, students are offered many options and modifications and are encouraged to adapt the practice to their current needs.

Please wear comfortable clothing and set out a mat with any props you might like to use. A pair of blocks, a strap, and a folded blanket are examples of commonly used props, but are not essential.

Schedule for this class:

Mondays 10:00-11:15am, Pacific Time

Restorative Yoga

is a deeply nourishing experience. Props and gentle movements are utilized to restore, relax and heal the body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Asanas or poses are comfortably held for longer periods so as to activate energy and transformation at a more profound level. This class is suitable for any and all levels of experience and is great for anyone looking to slow down, to relieve stress, to calm the excessive mind chatter, or even those recovering from injuries. Restorative Yoga brings your soul to wholeness.

Please wear comfortable, warm clothing and assemble as many props as you can. The following props will be used in all restorative yoga classes and may be substituted with other readily available items from home: a pair of blocks, a bolster, a folded blanket, and a strap. Some free wall space may also be useful.

Here’s a helpful link if you’re looking for prop substitutes from home.

Schedule for this class:

Wednesdays 10-11:15am, Pacific Time

Vitality Essence

is a class of traditional Taoist Qi-Gong or “energy work” for health, longevity and healing. Simple but very profound exercises (like 6 Healing Sounds & their poses, Earth Qi-Gong and Ovarian Breathing), they are equal parts breath, visualization, movement and meditation, and serve to align, revitalize and boost the 5 elemental energies that make up our human embodiment. When our fundamental energies are awakened and balanced, our spirit can rise like a flame. Vitality-Essence Qi-Gong Exercises can help women in particular, to strengthen and express their creative life force and inner beauty.

Schedule for this class:

Thursdays 8:30-9am, Pacific Time

Doe Restoration

is a set of traditional Taoist Qi-Gong exercises, offered as workshop or privately, only to women, that work on healing, aligning and increasing one’s life-force and sexual energy for health and longevity. They are equal parts movement, breath work and meditation and are both very subtle and powerful. They bring beauty, grace, power and dignity to their practitioners.

Schedule for this class:

Upcoming Workshop: March 4th, 10-11:30 am PT, click on link below for “Monthly Qi-Gong Workshops”.

Tiger's Waist Qi-Gong Exercise

also traditionally known as “Triple Bracelets Encircling the Moon” or “Tigress Twisting Its Tail”, is a dynamic, graceful and fluid Qi-Gong exercise that provides a great workout for all skill levels. It is a health and longevity practice found in a number of Taoist lineages. Through the circling of the hands in conjunction with twisting and breathing, it makes the breath and vital energy of the body strong so as to benefit one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Its benefits are dramatic and many: limbering up the entire body; slimming and toning the waist by breaking up fatty tissue; bringing vital Qi to the abdominal organs, strengthening the spine while making it more flexible; and strengthening and toning the muscles of the lower body (glutes, thighs, and calves). For women, Tiger’s Waist is especially helpful to firm and lift the breasts and to restore and tone the pelvic floor. By promoting strong, pliable back muscles, it brings grace to the female body and movement.

The exercise takes a little over 3 minutes to perform and is repeated up to four times with short breaks in between. It requires no props and can be done anywhere, even while traveling or on vacation. Traditionally, in order to receive further Taoist spiritual instruction, practitioners would commit to performing this exercise daily for a 3-month period in order to discover its famed benefits… Discipline is key!

Students are required to take the 90-minute workshop before practicing Tiger’s Waist.

Schedule for this class:

Tuesdays 8:30-9am Pacific Time

Class Schedule


Gentle Yoga Flow
10:00-11:15am PT


Tiger’s Waist
Qi-Gong Exercise
8:30-9:00am PT


Restorative Yoga
10-11:15am PT


Vitality Essence
Qi-Gong Exercise
8:30-9:00am PT


Qi-Gong Workshop,  1st Friday of every month, 10-11:30am PT

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Tiger’s Waist & Qi-Gong

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By opting for the monthly unlimited package, students can join any or all live classes and will also gain full access to streaming videos (refreshed weekly) to practice yoga and Qi-Gong at any time of their choosing.

Want some more personalized Yoga or Qi-Gong instruction? Private 90-minute classes via Zoom are also available for booking on Wednesdays at 1PM and Thursdays at 10AM.

Non-members can also access a class recording (available for one week from the time of recording), at a cost of $30 for yoga or $20 for Qi-Gong. Please contact me if you’re interested.

6-Week Qi-Gong Class at Taghum Hall: May 17th - June 21st, 5:15-6PM - click "book a class tab" to register
& Monthly Qi-Gong Workshops

First Friday of Every Month,

10-11:30 am PDT

Next Workshop - June 3rd on Pelvic Floor Health and Wellness

Regardless of your current fitness level, regular practice of Qi-Gong brings incredible benefits to your health, vitality and overall well-being. There’s no magic or mystery to it; it just takes practice!

That’s why I’m super excited to be offering a 90-minute Qi-Gong workshop the first Friday of every month* starting at 10am Pacific Time. 

dohrenna yogic arts arrow, yoga classes, qi-gong classes

In each workshop, I will present some background and theory, share my own experience of the practice, explain and demonstrate the exercises, and provide participants with personal guidance and feedback on the instructions.

*No workshops over July and August. September’s workshop is on the second Friday because of labour day weekend.