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Dohrenna (“Doe-RAY-nah”) Yogic Arts is a varied program of therapeutic movement modalities to nourish the body and mind, empower the spirit, and help us live our lives to the fullest. Together, we will follow the healing principle of coordinating breath, movement, and intention (and sometimes, visualization), to harness and expand the body’s innate healing potential. Experience first hand the powerful and transformative practices rooted in the ages-old traditions of Hatha yoga, Taoist Qi-Gong, and Tibetan Buddhism, and revitalize your Qi (energy), Jing (vital life-force), and Shen (spirit).

About Cristina

I have possessed a deep interest in spirituality from the time I was a small child. At first seeking answers in Western science, I completed a PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Toronto which led to a busy 13 year career as a college professor in Vancouver BC. For many years I carved out the time in my personal life to pursue a deep commitment to the Buddhist Path of meditation, beginning my studies at a traditional Tibetan temple in Toronto in 1996. I have studied with many renowned Tibetan Lamas, including H.H. 14th Dalai Lama, completed numerous deep retreats, spent my vacations on pilgrimage in Asia, helped run Temples in Toronto and Vancouver where I taught weekly classes, while always maintaining a daily practice of meditation and study. My yoga journey began in 2001. It brought me to several traditions such as Sivananda, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga and I have incorporated their insights and blessings into my daily yoga routine.

For the last ten years, I have also studied quietly and extensively, in a rare female lineage of Taoist Healing practices called White Tigress and have received personal instruction from an acknowledged holder of this singular lineage. A grave healing crisis in 2013 forced me to leave my job as a professor and to convalesce and turn inward. This difficult period became both a rebirth and affirmation for me with my deciding to become a committed full time instructor of yoga and the traditional spiritual arts. I completed my 500+ YA hour yoga and Restorative yoga teacher training at Octopus Garden Yoga Studio in Toronto ON in 2019 and have spent the last years in deep reflection and practice, designing a program that, by blending yoga, meditation and Qi-Gong (particularly its restoration modalities for women) creates a healing and enhancing power for one’s body, spirit and soul.

“As a long time meditator and practitioner of yoga and Qi-gong, I have seen first hand the deep transformative and healing power of a committed, long-term practice. It is everyone’s birthright to discover the joy and freedom that lies within themselves and I have made it my life’s work to facilitate and to serve others in this, their personal journey, their own spiritual alchemy.”

~ Cristina Sanchez

Yoga &
Qi-Gong Classes

Yoga & Qi-Gong Classes

Practice yoga and/or Qi-Gong with me at any time and as often as you like, from the convenience of your home.

Students are welcome to join in on any or all of the following classes, live on Zoom, and/or may practice at any time by streaming the videos. Practice videos will be refreshed weekly and mailed out to members.

Yoga classes and Vitality Essence Qi-Gong are suitable for all levels and no prior experience is required. However, students are required to take a personal 90-minute introductory workshop to both the Tiger’s Waist Qi-Gong Exercise and Doe Restoration Qi-Gong for Women before beginning either chosen practice.

Monthly Qi-Gong Workshops are also offered on first Friday of every month @ 10am PT. 

dohrenna yogic arts arrow, yoga classes, qi-gong classes

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I really appreciate Cristina’s educational approach to teaching. For each class she chooses one area of the body as a centre of attention, and then brings her wide range of knowledge to focus upon it. Her extensive study and practices in Yoga, Qi Gong and Tibetan Buddhism give her a wide range of academic knowledge as well as personal experience to draw upon. She has the training and expertise to suggest modifications of poses to accommodate all abilities and bodies. I’ve learned so much from her classes, and feel so good in body and mind from practicing with her.
Susan Forster
Nelson, BC
Cristina is my favourite yoga teacher! I've had many over the last 30 years, and her teaching style is the most accessible to all levels of practitioner, and infused with her genuine love and caring for her students and the practice of yoga. She is full of knowledge about the body, mind, and heart, and beautifully combines principles of yoga, qi gong, and Buddhism into rich, thoughtful classes that have had a very positive impact on my well-being. I highly recommend her as a teacher."
Alison Sayers
Nelson, BC

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